After running out of this magical serum over the festive period, I'm excited to have my favourite product back in my routine. It was definitely the worst time of year to not have this! My skin was breaking out and drying up due to the freezing conditions. 

I came across Retinol Reform by Shani Darden after seeing Rosie Huntington Whitely, Jessica Alba and Marianna Hewitt (one of my favourite beauty bloggers) raving about it. Three of the most beautiful influencers with flawless skin! They swear by Retinol Reform and so do I. Shani Darden offers a LED Light Facial to her clients (mostly celebrities) which includes a crazy and kind of creepy mask but it apparently works wonders! I wanna try!

 Although, Retinol Reform is $95 (£65) per bottle, I've found it is totally worth it. The bottle is small, however you don't need a lot! One to two pumps is recommended, and this lasted me around 6 months! 

This serum is perfect to brighten up your skin as well as reducing blemishes. When I have a break out, I apply this at night and by the next morning, the spot has almost vanished! It has also helped reduce acne scars from my teenage years. Overall, it leaves your skin with a smooth and fresh feel. I like to apply one pump of the serum after I have scrubbed and toned my face at night. Once it has set into my skin I apply moisturiser. For my skin products and daily routine head to this beauty post

If you have any questions please let me know! Comment below!