It's essential to have glowing, healthy skin all year round. Here in Scotland, we go months without seeing any sun so I like to keep bronzed with self tan, supplements and highlighters for that summer glow! 

This new product has got me so excited to be tanning on the beach in a bikini sipping on coconuts and cocktails! Fake Bake's newest product, the coconut tanning serum, is a mix of tan solution and coconut oil which makes for bronzing magic. It smells amazing unlike some self tanners and it goes on like moisturiser! I applied this with a tanning mitt which gave me a smooth, streekless finish. My skin looks naturally bronzed and soft to touch, I can't believe I didn't need to moisturise before! 

What better way to relax after applying coconut tan than drinking a fresh coconut itself! This was such a cute surprise to find next to my goodies with straws and a coconut drill! No more sawing into coconuts...


I've used St Tropez Self Tan mousse for years now and it is still my favourite. I use this tan on a weekly basis although it's expensive to buy, I love the quality and it lasts forever! Another bonus, is that this tan is easy to remove which makes a huge difference. There's nothing worse than tan sticking to your skin! This large bottle is £31.00 and lasts me 1-2 months. 

It's so important to exfoliate and moisture before applying self tan.  I like to exfoliate with an oil based shower gel and a rough cloth followed by moisturising with Vaseline's cocoa spray moisturiser. This spray is so easy to apply and it dries within seconds, which means you are ready to apply your tan straight after! 


A few other products that give me that summer glow are pictured above. Soleil Tan De Chanel is my go to for a bronzed face. I usually contour with this cream but it can be applied all of your face for an instant tan. I also like to mix Benefit Sun Beam highlighter through my foundation during the warmer months for a glowy finish. This golden highlighter looks great with a real tan and totally complements beach blonde hair. Finally, my scent for Spring/Summer - Fan Di FENDI Eau de toilette which is light and fruity which I prefer to anything too musky in hot temperatures. 

Recently, I've started taken supplements which benefit my skin, hair, nails and immune system. Vitamin D is produced when our skin is exposed to sunlight. As I live in Scotland, I feel it is necessary to get vitamin D from supplements due to the lack of sunshine! After trialling these for two weeks, I've seen a change in my skin. It looks brighter and feels smoother! 

It's never too early to start preparing for summer, so I'm starting with sun kissed skin in spring! Next up, I'll be preparing and working for my perfect beach body!