It's time to shop colour for summer! I used to be so against wearing anything other than black, white, grey and neutral tones however this summer, I can't stop buying blue, red and even yellow tones. My wardrobe has become way more interesting by taking a risk and buying colours I wouldn't usually go for - Don't be scared to wear colours and prints this year! Baby blue is the perfect colour for us blondes, it makes our hair golden and our tans glow. How cute is this oversized shirt? After purchasing this last year and almost selling it on, I'm so glad I pulled it out of my wardrobe. Above I have linked a similar shirt from H&M which is just as nice with some frill details. When wearing shirts or anything with a collar, I like to tuck under the collar to create a V-neck style and to elongate my chest. Try it out! 

Another day, another neck scarf. I seriously can't get enough of this bandana style (I've just ordered a white and a red one...oops). Zara has got the cutest neck scarves in different prints and colours this season. If you're obsessed like me, you need to check them out!