Every time I go into LA it's a different experience - there's endless places to see, eat and explore! This time I ventured to Mood Fabric store for an assignment in my apparel construction class. Being a design/business student, you can only imagine how excited I was to visit this famous fabric store. There were rolls on rolls of embellished fabrics, silks, furs - you name it! It got me thinking of all of the pieces I could make with such a wide variety of fabrics to select from. You just can't get these fabrics in Glasgow! It truly is a design students dream.

My style has definitely changed over the past few months from living it up in California. Denim shorts and skirts have become the new norm making a lot of my looks casual and carefree. Exactly how the lifestyle is! You can always count on a denim mini skirt to pull off and effortless look for a city day.