Light weight and relaxed is my motto here and especially when most weekends are spent at the beach or by the pool on campus. I've been shopping for basic dresses and T-shirts for the crazy hot days here. This MissGuided dress (along with a few others) has become a staple for going to the beach and even to class. It's easy to re-wear such simple pieces with different accessories and layers like a denim jacket when the temperature drops to 20°C (which now feels freezing!). I must admit I kinda miss shopping for all my chunky knits and cosy coats for the cold weather. I'm sure when i'm home Scotland will supply plenty of freezing days for me to get into my winter wardrobe. For now I'll stick with my summer style! 


My love for Huntington Beach grows ever time we go back which has been a lot. I can totally see myself living in a beach condo on Pacific drive going from the beach to the city...a girl can dream! After chilling on the beach for the majority of the day, the girls & I heading to Lemonade for a late lunch. Lemonade is a healthy cafe where you choose a mix of different salads and their famous lemonade - the cucumber and mint lemonade was to die for! Lemonade lovers you neeeeed to go here! 

Triangl swimwear has always been one of my favourite brands for the perfect fit and style of bikini. I was so happy to work with the brand again and especially whilst I'm here in SoCal. Theres nothing better than good quality fabric which looks even better on. The fabric is thick and secure which is what a girl needs when showing a little skin on the beach!