After spending a lot of winter in darker shades, I opted for a neutral look! As a blonde, I love how softer pinks and nudes complement my hair and complexion all year round. When channeling a causal effortless look, I like to mix up textures to make it a little more interesting. Here, I'm loving the knit & faux fur together and not to forget my beloved Chloé Faye on top! Talking about neutrals, my new Chloé bag is the perfect shade for all seasons, I've already got some looks up my sleeves for the warmer weather which is coming slowly but surely! A little pair of leather Superga sneakers adds that casual yet chic touch I was looking for. 

For me, this week has been all about getting back to normality after the festivities. Every year this is a challenge due to lots of time off and temptation to carry on the celebrations. The way I kill this craving is by getting straight back into my normal routine...Regular work outs & clean eating! It doesn't need to be a drag though, get on Pinterest and find those delicious recipes that you have been meaning to try out and make your work outs fun. Personally, I love boxing. It's a sport I want to get better at and can build on. I enjoy it so much time flies when I do it.