Grey Days

Brooch perfection!

The rain has finally come to halt for now but it's oh so cold! It's time to keep cosy and chic.

If like me, you're battling a weak immune system at this time of year - fear not! I've got all the tricks to get you through the winter season.  Already, I've been under the weather twice this month... so inconvenient. But it's all about catching it early with cold & flu paracetamol, lemon & honey hot water (to soothe that frustrating tickly throat), litres of water and plenty of beauty sleep. The mistake I continue to make is wearing a little less than I should at this time of year. So get a long coat and wrap up for your shopping trips, nights out and for daily errands! 

Since our winter nights are starting at 4pm, I like to add a little extra pampering especially when I am unwell. At this time of year it's difficult to keep your skin sun kissed and smooth. To keep my face from drying up, I like to try different hydrating face masks. My most recent find was from H&M's new skin care range. With loads of different scents for different purposes, it was a tough choice! I decided on the Bearberry and White Daisy brightening face mask which left my skin soft and glowing, you all need to get them! They are also the perfect size for stocking fillers. Can't wait to try the Coconut Water and the Pomegranate and Mango masks. These are sold in the Argyle Street (GLA) store and online. Enjoy!