This is a dressing room dream come true for my sister Alana & I. Since we have been building our wardrobe up forever, it was time to make more space for all of our goodies. After search through the most incredible dressing rooms on Pinterest, some all black marble, some with two floors and some with rotating rails (amazing!), we decided this was unrealistic and we had to work with the space we had. For us, this was a small spare room which actually worked out to be the perfect size for a strategically planned dressing room.

We knew we definitely wanted two open rails for extra hanging space and also so it was easier to see our clothes as we are outfit planning. It was difficult digging through an over flowing wardrobe. Sometimes, I would even forget about some of my key pieces... which is not ideal! Alana & I share everything, which is perfect for both of us as we have the same style, sizes and love for our things. Two minds are greater than one after all! 

As well as making the most out of the space, we also had to work to a budget. We started in Ikea where we purchased the white drawers, dressing table, mirror & lights, shelves and white coat hangers all for a great price! My favourite find is the square stools from Next Home which add a little texture to the simplistic interior. For bits & bobs, like candle holders and the dreamy silver pineapple, we went to TK Maxx which is the best for the little homely touches. 


Lets get down to the basic needs. I much prefer to hang my clothes because they are always ready to wear this way, however with all the rail space in the world I would probably still have to fold down some basics like everyday T shirts, sports wear and pjs! Fresh flowers and candles are also consider a necessity to the dressing room. I spend most of my time in here now, not only when I am getting ready but also when I am studying, blogging and just relaxing in general. There is always candles lit, fresh flowers and music playing!


So previously, this is where you would find all of my clothes stuffed in behind the doors! And now its the perfect shoe closet with plenty of room for my babies to live. This wardrobe was super simple to do. All you need is ikea selves and tube lights (to make your shoes shine!), oh and a joiner. As much as I'd love to say we got down and did it ourselves...we didn't but the results were exactly what we wanted done by a professional!

Most of you will have noticed that I'm a little shoe and bag collection is the evidence. Alana & I like to purchase statement shoes and bags we know we will have forever in terms of their style and quality whereas we prefer to buy high street clothing from Zara, Topshop and Mango for everyday. As much as I absolutely love designer clothing, as a student, I can't justify spending the money... one day!

I hope you love the dressing room as much as we do! If you have seen any interior or fashion pieces you like, please don't hesitate to ask, Comment below!

Happy Sunday!